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BTi provides software solutions to the broadcast television industry. These solutions automatically collect, manage and deliver data in the proper format for presentation to the viewing audience. In essence, BTi informs your viewers.

In addition, BTi is one of the leading innovator of mobile data services for broadcast in the USA, providing app and widget connections to elections, school closings, breaking news, weather and Databridge, as well as providing core applications that first appeared in the industry in 1994.

If you are in the business of delivering content on air, online or increasingly, to mobile devices, you have a wealth of astounding graphics hardware available to you and unprecedented access to deep data resources and creative visuals. Yet despite all of that muscle, broadcast graphics operations remain manual, repetitive and time-consuming.

That’s where we come in. Business Technology, Inc. (BTi)


BTi began to address the disconnect of providing viewers with up-to-date information in 1994 with our first product, School Closings Attendant. BTi has since evolved into a leading provider of innovative software solutions and technical services that automate the gathering, scheduling and delivery of a wide range of data, informational and branding content. Working with your existing graphics infrastructure, BTi applications enable broadcasters to make the most of their feature-rich hardware investment to better compete in their markets.


Our mission is to empower broadcasters with innovative software solutions that automatically collect, manage and deliver data to their existing on-air graphics devices. We aim to build long-term, friendly and interactive relationships with clients by exceeding expectations and by constant communication. BTi’s commitment to personalized, immediate support of our customers is the guarantor of your success.


Bob Mathews, President and CEO - Bob has been involved in software engineering for over 35 years. After more than 11 years in the Pharmacy and Healthcare Industries, he founded BTi in 1994. Bob remains actively involved in the development of BTi solutions and strategic planning.

Carolyn Williams, VP of Operations - Carolyn has been with BTi for over 24 years. She brings an extensive background in Programming, Customer Installations, Product Support and Broadcast Systems Analysis. Previous positions include Development Director with Healthcare Computer Corporation. In her role as VP of Operations, Carolyn is customer focused and enjoys creative problem solving during and after the sale, installation and throughout the BTi Client relationship.

David Pilkinton, VP of Development - David joined BTi as a software developer in November of 2006. Over the last several years, he has been involved in the planning, creation, and distribution of the Attendant Solutions suite of broadcast software as well as the creation of production software used for daily data acquisition. David combines his knowledge of software and broadcasting to produce unique solutions for today’s television community.

Fred McCoy, VP of Sales & Marketing - Fred brings years of Broadcast Experience to BTi as the former Director of Strategic Sourcing for MPS, a division of Scripps Broadcasting and Networks in Cincinnati. Fred was the VP and GM of BMC, a division of Cosmos/Liberty Broadcasting in Greenville. And prior to that, he was at Chyron and Abekas for 12 years as a regional manager. He also has live broadcast and network experience as an executive producer and director. Fred brings to BTi a vast understanding of the marketplace and customer insight. Fred is reaching out daily to our existing relationships and is offering compelling reasons for our new customers to find out how BTi’s Attendant Solutions can serve useful in their production toolbox.