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Attendant Solutions

BTi Attendant Solutions -- Leverage your existing graphics devices and infrastructure to automatically collect, manage and deliver data, news, branding and promotions to air, online and to mobile devices. Eliminate repetitive manual tasks while increasing the quality, reliability and accuracy of the critical data feeding your broadcast graphics and find new ways to generate revenue.

BTi Attendant Solutions provides:

    • Support for all major real time graphics systems
    • The ability to drive multiple makes and models of graphics systems simultaneously
    • Playback controlled through GPI, Automation or manually
    • Comprehensive support for alerts via SMS, or email (SMTP, POP3)
    • 24/7/365 Support
    • Solutions which include hardware, software, on-site installation and training
    • A unified platform that supports concurrent usage of all BTi applications
    • Server-based design for enhanced performance, stability and security

Put your broadcast graphics to work for you!